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I'm Jessie, and I'm passionate about good design and thorough project management.


I come from a family of creatives and architects, and in my professional career have launched marketing campaigns for recognized brands like SmartWool, All-Clad and Trek Bicycle, eventually getting into the world of software project management. In 2018 my team and I led efforts to release a mobile app for Chipotle Mexican Grille. 

I enjoy helping meaningful brands and the little guy alike get things done. I leverage over 15 years of experience delivering impactful projects online and offline to give clients the outcome they desire.  Unique? Yes. Dynamic? Very. Whether on paper, at a job site, or on a computer screen I can make your vision, project or campaign work harder for you.

Professional Expertise:

  • IT Project Management

  • Large scale project & portfolio management

  • Portfolio workflow optimization

  • Corporate leadership strategy

  • Product roadmap Strategies

  • Residential Lighting Design 

  • Marketing & branding

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