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I'm Jessie, and I'm passionate about good design and great project management.


I come from a family of creatives and architects, and in my professional career have launched marketing campaigns for recognized brands like SmartWool, All-Clad and Trek Bicycle, eventually getting into the world of software project management. In 2018 my team and I led efforts to release a mobile app for Chipotle Mexican Grille. I know how to get things done!

With my consulting services, I enjoy helping small brands and the little guy get things done. My brand has helped with project coordination, strategy and design for brand and product marketing worlds.  Unique? Yes. Dynamic? Very. Whether on paper, at a job site, or on a computer screen I can make your design, project or campaign work harder for you.

I've got you covered. Let's talk!

  • Branding and Strategy

  • Front End Website Design

  • Project Management

  • Creative Marketing Assets

  • Remodel Lighting Design Layout

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